The 9th edition of the prestigious 35AWARDS has concluded, revealing the 100 best photographers and the 100 best single photos of 2023. This year, the competition saw the participation of 111,300 photographers from 174 countries, with a staggering total of 465,000 photos submitted.

Among the many categories, the world of macro photography stood out, offering a captivating glimpse into the hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed by the naked eye. The 9th 35AWARDS highlighted a remarkable collection of macro-winning photos, unveiling extraordinary details and vibrant life in the tiniest of subjects. From the intricate patterns on insect wings to the delicate textures of dew-kissed petals, these photographs showcase the exceptional skill and patience of the photographers who captured them.

Join us as we explore some of the best macro shots from this year’s competition, celebrating the artistry and dedication that bring these small wonders to light. Here are 12 of the most stunning macro photographs from the 9th 35AWARDS:

1st Place: Photo by Dzulfikri, Indonesia
2nd Place: Orchid Pink Mantis by Andri Priyadi, Russian Federation
3rd Place: Photo by Fabio Sartori, Italy
Photo by Tran The Ngoc, Vietnam
Photo by Irina Koledova, Russian Federation
Photo by Hasan Baglar, Cyprus
Photo by Javier Ruperez, Spain
Unity is strength by Dang Thanh Tinh, Viet Nam
Going down by Rawisyah Aditya, Indonesia
Photo by Yuriy Yurevich, Russian Federation
Photo by Akirul Islam Fahad, Bangladesh
Photo by Yevgenii Lukashuk, Ukraine
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