Investing in your art is a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you are making something for your passion, your career, or just for fun it’s important to do what you do to the best of your abilities. While the saying “a poor artist blames their tools” is true, there’s something to be said for indulging in high quality equipment when you’re ready to master a new technique.

However, investing in new equipment can feel scary. It might seem like no matter where you look or who you ask, everyone’s got different opinions about what you should be doing to expand your practice.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some points to consider when you are upping your equipment game. These points should be relevant no matter what kind of art you’re taking on, whether it’s photography, painting, or even live performance work like dancing and acting. Here, we’re raising the big questions to help you decide what makes the next set of equipment you choose perfect for you.

What To Consider When Investing In New Art Equipment

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Does Your New Equipment Have A Proven Track Record?

Whenever you spend money on new equipment, you’re going to want to purchase something that’s going to last. Finding equipment that holds up throughout the years is essential for this. Whether you’re going brand loyal, with a company you know you can trust, or you’re being faithful to a new product line you should be checking out the reviews of the individual product you’re purchasing.

Nowadays, reviews are easy to find in great detail as well. When you want to review the entire product or some specific aspect of it, there’s an online guide waiting for you.

Moreover, there are tons of specialized review sites like, which breaks down products on the market and hosts tons of reviews for the best photography equipment.

If you’re using the Internet to research what you buy, you’ll find things with longevity and be more likely to love what you use.

What To Consider When Investing In New Art Equipment

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Is It Something That Works With What You Already Own?

Another factor to consider when purchasing new equipment is how well it fits into your current collection.

· Is this new piece something that fights against what you’ve got already?
· Does it need separate software or a different kind of plug?
· Will it be able to be carried in the same way your other gear can?

These seemingly obvious questions are easy to overlook when you’re caught up in the bright shininess of wanting to buy something high-tech.

Before you get too excited, double check and see if all your options are compatible with your current gear. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself making more returns than permanent purchases.

What To Consider When Investing In New Art Equipment

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Does It Need Any Maintenance, Or Will Lead to Continuous Costs?

Lastly, consider the possible costs of maintaining your new gear. Is what you’re investing in a single time purchase? Or is it something that is going to need a lot more money down the road?

If your new gear has a recurring cost, make sure you’ve planned accordingly. Keep in mind that most technology requires years of upkeep. Additionally, for gear with recurring costs you should see how it would hold up if you suddenly couldn’t afford to maintain it. If your gear will immediately deteriorate or be unable to be used unless you continue to spend money on it, it might not be right for you.

What To Consider When Investing In New Art Equipment

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Bottom Line

All in all, the best gear fits with your lifestyle. So make sure you are carefully considering what you are putting into your kit – enjoy doing what you do best with your new tools!

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