When thinking of countertops for your home, and especially your kitchen or bathroom, most homeowners think of granite as their first choice. However, quartz has quickly become a top choice in the last two decades. Long-lasting and more durable than granite, quartz is one of the hardest materials found on the globe, which makes it an excellent choice for your bathroom countertop.

The advantages of quartz countertops in your bathroom

  1. As far as designs go, quartz offers you several amazing options. Quartz countertops are man-made, and as such, can be engineered in just about any color you could ever want. Natural stone, such as granite, comes only in the colors that occur naturally on earth. This versatility means you can match to your bathroom’s unique décor including color or finish, as quartz can be sealed with either a matte finish or shiny. Again, it is all up to you. This said, your quartz countertop may very well outlive your current design preferences. For this reason, make sure to select a countertop color and pattern that you will be happy with and can live with for years to come. If you think you may ever sell your home, you may also want to consider colors and textures that will be attractive to your potential buyers.
  2. While quartz can be selected in just about any color and finish that you want, you will also be guaranteed a more uniform look and feel. With natural stone, the color, pattern, and look may not be uniform throughout. While this is perfectly fine for some homeowners, others prefer a more consistent look, especially in their bathrooms. Thus, one of the great benefits of quartz.
  3. We’ve said it before, and we’ve repeated it, but quartz is man-made which makes it exceptionally durable. This means that they are comprised of approximately 90% quartz, and the balance includes binding polymers and colored pigments. This high quartz content creates an exceptionally durable and hard stone that can handle the wear and tear of your bathroom. Though your bathroom might not experience quite as much volatile activity as your kitchen, hair tools, various styling items, and a variety of metal-bottomed items can create a lot of abuse. Thankfully, quartz is tough and is highly resistant to stains, scratches, and chips. The durability of quartz countertops means that they should last for many years, and often far longer than the amount of time you will spend in your home.
  4. In addition to the durability, your quartz countertops are quite easy to maintain. Natural stones like granite, concrete, and even marble, need to be sealed to protect the finish. But quartz doesn’t require any sealant or wax coating. Overall, quartz countertops will need less maintenance compared to other materials that you may consider. All you need to do is wipe the counter down with a cloth, soap, and water, and you will be good to go.
  5. As we said, quartz countertops are quite easy to maintain, but the fact that quartz countertops are non-porous too makes them easier than ever. This means that your bathroom countertop will not be subject to holes or cracks where liquids and spilled lotions or creams can soak into. This is a primary reason that so many people are turning to quartz countertops in their bathrooms. Quartz countertops are more resistant to staining in comparison to porous countertops and are much more sanitary as it is more difficult for bacteria, viruses, and a host of other germs to get lodged into the counter’s surface. The smooth and non-porous surface makes cleaning easy too.
  6. If all of the above reasons are not enough, let’s cap off this list with the fact that quartz countertops in your bathroom are an excellent long-term investment. And that is for all of those very reasons above – durability, low maintenance, and the fact that homeowners love it. These countertops will last for years and years, and may even last longer in your home than you do. It is highly unlikely that you will need to replace or repair your quartz countertops, and they will also hold their original value as you won’t have to put money into them to keep them looking great.

6 Advantages of Using Quartz Countertops in Your Bathroom

Shopping tip when selecting your quartz bathroom countertop

As you start to shop for your new quartz bathroom countertop, be sure to bring samples from your home with you. To be sure you select the countertop in the right color and finish, you will want to consider the other elements of your bathroom that will not be changing. In the least, bring a tile sample and some paint chips to be sure you don’t end up with a contrasting design.

Go through the same exercise in reverse as well by bringing home countertop samples with you. Using both strategies will help you first narrow down the countertop designs you want to look at, then you can limit the number of samples that you need to lug home with you to finalize your decision. Once you are home with your sample too, make sure you look at it during multiple times of the day so that you can see how the light plays off the manufactured stone. Taking the time to shop this way and not rush into a decision will help to make sure you pick the right quartz color and finish for your bathroom.

6 Advantages of Using Quartz Countertops in Your Bathroom

Quartz bathroom countertops are increasing in popularity

The increasing popularity of quartz bathroom countertops means that investing in them for your bathroom will pay off in the long run. Having quartz bathroom countertops installed will be a great addition and potential selling point for your home if you choose to move.

Of course, natural stone countertops remain popular, and we don’t see any evidence that that will change any time soon. But when you consider the sanitary benefits of the non-porous quartz surface added to the durability, you really can’t go wrong. Today’s homeowners view quartz as a key trend, and there are no signs that the popularity of this material will go away any soon.

6 Advantages of Using Quartz Countertops in Your Bathroom

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