For me, no Halloween is complete without carving something and in the most, something means pumpkin. But this year, I will show some other carvings. Instead of scary ghost face, let’s check some very beautiful and delicate patterns carving on fruits and vegetables.

Japanese artist Tomoko Sato Started to fill in love with traditional Thai carving craft in 2014 when she visited Thailand. She learned the skill, came back to Kyoto, and shifted from woodworking to carving fruits and vegetables. After years of practice, Tomoko now can turn ordinary foods into intricate edible sculptures. Beautiful ornaments, symmetrical patterns and all these things are created by hand.

Any fruit or vegetable can become a work of art in the hands of Tomoko. Food like apple, watermelon, radish are the most common ones. Tomoko can even carve on eggplant, cucumber and avocado. Take a look at these beautiful carving.

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