I love Japanese food. It is one of most exquisite and elegant food in my mind. However, I don’t really think I can find Zen garden style feeling from food. Since food is food, it is totally different from landscape or architecture. And in the most time, when they do connected, that food usually doesn’t mean for eating. Forgive me, I am the type of person can’t stand those icing cake sculpture at all.

However, Omatcha Salon, a Japanese Specialty Tea House creates edible Zen garden style food (an assortment of traditional Japanese sweets) with matcha tea (get on amazon). Take a look at these Zen plate with matcha, they actually look like paintings made out of food, evoking a tranquil scene at a humble Japanese Zen garden that’s also still edible.

Love the calming feeling these food provide and they just look so pleasing to the eyes.

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