Sometimes, seeing is not believing, especially for these mind twisted image. Because you can’t just stop wondering “OMG, how that ever happen!”.

Below photos are shared by the pet owner around the world. And the reason for sharing is these scenes appeared quite baffling, bizarre or horrifying for the owner at the first glance, which almost give them heart attacks.

Why my dog has these sharp scary teeth? Oh, what happened to my cat’s leg? Wait! Is there a tiger there! Take a look at below awesome photos and let me know what is the first thought coming into your mind?

A dog and his pine cone [photo credit]

Oh, there is a hole in the belly [photo credit]

Hmm, is that my leg? [photo credit]

Dog and Log [photo credit]

That is just an oversized photo print pillow [photo credit]

Hmm, did I lose my tail [photo credit]

Blood? No, That is lipstick [photo credit]

OMG, there is a “tiger” on the street [photo credit]

Dragon fruit juice can be scary as well [photo credit]

Hey, that is my head [photo credit]

Another Headless cat [photo credit]

Cat with a small face [photo credit]

Has my dog changed by alien? where are this googles coming from [photo credit]

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