Many people loves Pokémon, these adorable creatures and try to find out their prototype in the real animal world. But Chey (aka Endifi/Frosty) saw the things differently and tried to think about how the Pokémon will look like if they are people.

This type of drawing style has a special name called “gijinka (wiki)“, which is a form of anthropomorphism in anime and manga where moe qualities are given to non-human beings (such as animals, plants, supernatural entities and fantastical creatures), objects, concepts, or phenomena.

Ever since started this project, Chey has created more than hundred Pokégijinka pictures and Chey’s plan is to “Draw every Pokémon as a gijinka”. Honestly, I don’t even know all the Pokémon Chey drew. But thanks to thoughtful Chey put the original Pokémon’s picture and name on the Pokégijinka, so I can figure out the features about the Pokémon if I want.

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