High school teacher art teacher Hirotaka Hamasaki (Nara, Japan) asked himself the question: “what are some free activities that would inspire students to take an interest in art?” The answer lay at his feet: the vibrant colors of the fall foliage that had fallen to the ground. So he picked up a broomstick and got to work on his leaf art.

For over 10 years, every autumn, the art teacher has been creating popular anime or game characters using a broomstick and the tree leaves that have fallen into the school’s courtyard. At first his creations were ignored but over time they grew in popularity and now he chooses his subjects based on popular demand from his students. His creations are popular not only with the students but with the school janitors too!

It’s only been in the last several years that the teacher has begun posting his leaf art to social media. You can find some of his recent works on Instagram as well as other creative chalk drawings.

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