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Amazing Fusions of Animals and Plant by Ellen Jewett

Canadian artist Ellen Jewett is known for her elaborately decorated polymer sculptures that combine wildlife with flowers, plants, and trees. Each sculpture features elaborate elements that connect the animal back to the environment, such...


Incredible Crafted Bamboo Insects by Noriyuki Saitoh

Bamboo craft expert Noriyuki Saitoh is known for his life-size realistic insect sculptures (previous). Using thinly sliced bamboo, Saitoh formed wings, legs and antennae of all kinds of insects such as Butterfly, dragonfly, beetle,...


More Banana Skin Art from Stephan Brusche

It looks like the trend of banana skin doodling continues and Netherlands based artist Stephan Brusche has been doing it for almost 7 years now (started from 2011). By drawing and carving them, this...