Discarded materials like broken tools, wooden handles, and scraps of fabric are given second life in artist Mohsen Heydari Yeganeh‘s hands.

Utilizing chains for plumage or a long, steel blade for a beak, Yeganeh forms stylized animalistic assemblages of discarded materials, which he refers to as “flying garbage.” Conveying the awkward, jutting postures of birds, the spirited sculptures combine abstract components into lively, expressive characters. These spirited bird sculptures might not be the prettiest ones, but are definitely one-of-kind. Using different combinations of discard stuffs, we have a whole collection of these “flying garbage”.

Yeganeh works in collaboration with the artist Arman in Kasmeh, a Tehran-based studio. Below are some of Yeganeh’s upcycled creatures. You can find more on unusual spirited sculptures on their Instagram page.

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