Latvia-based digital artist Andrejs Pidjass, aka Lust_byte, creates lush figures of surreal hearts using artificial intelligence and Photoshop. He use Mid Journey App to create these stunning art pieces, on top of that he use photoshop to create the final output. And as you can see below, the result is stunning.

Every heart has a different kind of wisdom, personality, and of course soul. He claims that whatever the personality of the heart has, he has an image of the heart you can imagine. Therefore, Pidjass invites everyone to share what kind of heart he/she wants to see.

On the hearts; different kinds of animals, flowers, figures, or precious stones can be seen. When you see the hearts that Pidjass created, you will feel the greatness and weirdness of these hearts.

Below are some of Pidjass’s creation. On the official Instagram account, you can find more stunning AI generated hearts.

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