The Hungarian artist Ágnes Herczeg (previous, previous) kept impressing us with her amaizng needlework. And recently, she begun to incorporate found driftwood into her pieces, foraged from the shores of the nearby Danube River where floodplain trees dot the riverside.

Getting inspiration from her surroundings, Herczeg’s subjects include animals, trees, landscapes, and women performing tasks like pouring tea, weaving, or taking a walk.

To create a piece like below, Herczeg first selected the natural materials meet her need. Then she carefully shapes the outline of each scene with metal wire and builds up tiny webs of fiber using a needle lace technique. Once she has carved the wood and the mesh is complete, each is colored in earthy blues, greens, and browns and bound together with thread.

You can find more of Herczeg’s needlework work on her website, and follow updates on Instagram.

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