Yukihiro Akama, originally from Japan, studied architecture at Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata. After starting his career as an architect, he felt a growing need to create physical objects with traditional tools. To balance his digital work, he began assisting a carpenter in building traditional timber-framed houses. This hands-on experience deepened his appreciation for crafting with wood.

In 2011, Akama moved to the UK and was inspired by the vernacular houses he encountered during his travels in Asia and the UK. His passion for these unique structures led to his first exhibition in 2013 at The Shop Floor Project in Cumbria, UK.

Akama’s creative process begins with a hand-drawn sketch, but he lets the wood’s characteristics guide the final design. He transforms rough hunks of timber into elegant, low shapes or tall, spindly structures. Sizes range from just 1.5 inches to over 40 inches tall. He often adds a cantilevered effect and incorporates pebbles and clay for organic textures, finishing with a blow torch for a polished look.

Explore more of Akama’s whimsical creations on his website and Instagram. If you’re captivated by these miniature wooden houses, you might have the opportunity to purchase one directly from his site.

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