Johan Martin, the international ambassador of artisanal viennoiserie and French pastry, is famous for his perfect croissant and pastry works. He can create wonderfully elaborate games, figurines, life object and fashionable items all out of his delicious medium.

In this article, we presented some of his beautiful work, such as

  • a chessboard made from croissant dough and pain au chocolat
  • tiny tuxedoed figurines made from a brownie filled croissant
  • swirling skirts made from chocolate mousse biscuits
  • a super high heeled shoe made from a strawberry laminated croissant

If you check Martin’s Instagram, you will find more amazing stuff, such as handbag, violin, sunglasses and even a tea pot. In addition, you can even see the inside of these beautiful pastry.

There is no doubt that Martin’s unique work has influenced pastry chefs and other bakers around the world. But what makes Martin such a great pastry chef? In interview, Martin concluded 5 must-to-have qualities to be a professional pastry chef, “courage in a demanding profession, curiosity to keep learning, gourmandise to enjoy what is done, generosity to share learning and pedagogy to successfully transmit knowledge.” I think it is not only pastry, these qualities are what you need when you want to be successful in your field.

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