If you are toying with the idea of getting a pet consider buying a teacup puppy, which is not only beautiful but offer the companionship you have been yearning to get. These puppies can be an added family member that brings joy and adds warmth and entertainment for the family.

Before buying one, consider the following need information by foufoupuppies.com on the various varieties available in the market.

3 Teacup dog breeds that can fit your pocket 


Pomeranian takes their name from a province in Germany known as Pomerania Province and is also known as Lapdog. They weigh in at approximately 3 to 7 pounds and are about 7 to 12 inches tall. They come in different shades of chocolate, black, or orange and have a double coat. Pomeranian dogs are excellent at offering companionship, with a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years.

The Pomeranian, a descendant of large dog breeds, is the tiniest member of the Spitz clan of dogs that include Samoyed, Alaskan malamute, and Norwegian elkhound, among others.

Although Pomeranians are breed dogs, you may get them in rescue shelters giving you an excellent opportunity to adopt them. Though these dogs are small, they are more confident and can challenge larger breeds.

While this breed is an excellent companionship source, they do a lot of barking, which may cause a challenge to neighbors, more so if you live in an apartment.

However, engaging them in plenty of exercises, playtime activities, shielding them from hot weather while giving lots of attention will promise you a loving, adorable, furry family companion.

Pomeranians are typically very playful and are known for being intelligent, curious, spirited, and audacious, but it may not be the best option, particularly if you have young children. They also love to be the center of attraction.

Additionally, they tend to be distrustful around outsiders, and their tiny size makes larger animals and people intimidating to them. Fear can turn to hostility. They love to cuddle, scratch and pet; hence, they are affectionate.

One advantage of Pomeranians is that they are relatively easy to potty train, but patience and consistency ensure faster positive results. You can only ascertain whether your Pomeranian is a pure breed through DNA testing, which has become tremendously advanced in recent years.

The growth of Pomeranian will decrease or stop from approximately one year. A majority of Pomeranians’ growth is between 2 months and one year. However, some continue to grow until they are between 14 and 15 months. Poms start to mature from one year, and their prices vary between $500 and $1,500. The high cost depends on pedigree – which its lineage proves it is purebred. The more superior the pedigree, the more the purchasing price.

Advantages of Pomeranians 

  • They have an appealing look. Pomeranians have gorgeous smiling faces, pricked ears, dark eyes, a thick coat, and a lovely tail.
  • They are tiny, hence cost less to feed, and are easier to carry and maintain
  • Smart and trainable
  • They are easygoing hence great companions.


Maltese dogs are friendly and considered among the oldest breeds. Though purebred, you can get them in shelters and rescue groups. They are tiny and have a single-layered silky, white coat that makes them look glamorous. Due to their small frame, they are low energy dogs and fantastic cuddle buddies. They weigh between four to eight pounds and grow to a height of between 8 and 10 inches.

Maltese is a very gentle breed that is affectionate, intelligent, responsive, and trusting. Its lively, playful, vigorous nature makes for a good family dog, though you should be cautious as they can be irritable with raucous children.

Before purchasing a Maltese dog, it will be prudent to note that.

  • Smaller pets have many health challenges, especially Maltese dogs. Before getting one, ensure a veterinary doctor has thoroughly examined the pet.
  • They are not loud, have a lot of energy and loves company, and is generally very friendly.
  • Maltese are fearless and brave and have no problem confronting skunks, dogs, or even snakes; hence they need to be continuously supervised.
  • Its long beautiful coat needs frequent trips to the groomer for trims and requires daily brushing.
  • It loves physical exercise and spending time in outdoor activities; hence, taking the dog for walks should be your utmost priority.
  • They love to cuddle, sit on your lap; hence you need to be home more often to keep them entertained.
  • They are great with kids but take caution to never leave them unattended in the company of your children.
  • With affirmation and treats, they easily pick up command since they are intelligent.


Poodles originally from Germany are famous for their physical fitness, intelligence, and companionship. They were initially hunting dogs and are primarily known for their excellent looks and aptitude. Poodles come in different varieties, with one breed standard, such as a toy poodle, miniature poodle, and a standard poodle. Irrespective of their size, they are highly athletic and love jogging and long walks.

Poodles are incredibly gifted dogs, and their intelligence and enthusiasm to please, makes them dependable service dogs. Consider hiring them as tour guides, guides for the disabled, and therapy dogs.

Ensure to register your poodle as soon as you acquire one to guarantee its health, safety, and welfare is maintained.

Other facts about poodles is that.

  • They are good swimmers that offer help in retrieving birds from the water.
  • Their fur never stops growing and therefore require regular grooming. If left neglected, Poodles’ hair gets matted and unkempt.
  • They are trainable hence can appear in circuses where they are dressed in human clothing and trained to perform elaborate scenes.

With many other breeds such as Promsky, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua Shih Tzu, and Pug, among many others, you have a variety of options at your disposal.

Notably, ensure to provide your teacup dog with love, care, and support to keep them healthy to extend their lifespan. Due to their small size, they are prone to overwork. Maintain high hygiene standards to keep them free from diseases and infection.

Are you a dog lover that is contemplating getting one? We hope you can choose from the mentioned list in this article.

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