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AeroBull: Stylish Bulldog Bluetooth-speakers

This stylish Bluetooth-speakers for the iPhone called AeroBull from Jarre Technologies, which is perfect for dog lovers. In the shape of bulldog, it offers two speakers, one subwoofer with 100 watts. Designed for use...


18 Cute Photos of Dog Playing in Snow

This winter is pretty tough for people in North America, many snow storm. When we are complaining there is too much snow, our flurry friends seem quite happy on the other hand – they...


Adorable Dog in Costume by Sonya Yu

The adorable French Bulldog Trotter in below photos is pet of San Francisco based photographer Sonya Yu who bills herself as a Professional Food Pornographer. Six months ago, Yu began dressing Trotter up in...


Creative Dog Collages Made by Peter Clark

British artist Peter Clark uses old stamps, maps, love letters, labels, buttons, sewing patterns, and various papers that he has collected to create collages of everything from trophies, to animals, to clothing. This particular...


The Cutest Pomeranian Dog: Boo

It’s Saturday so I thought I’d share with you the cutest Facebook page I’ve ever seen: Boo the dog! When I first saw Boo on Facebook I have to be honest that I thought...


Lovely Flower Dog

What’s flower dog ? Not dog eat flower, Not dog wear flower. It is the whole dog that made of flower. Check out those adorable flower dogs, my heart totally melt. image credit