In most time, when we see dog portraits, we see them play, by themselves or with their owners. While French photographer Audrey Bellot, a long time dog lover, see dogs from a different perspective. She focuses on showcasing the beauty of the beloved pets by photographing them in stunning landscapes. In Bellot’s photo, these dogs look like a truly travel influencers.

Bellot works all over the world, capturing all sorts of dogs in natural settings. For Bellot, it’s important that her photos capture the unique personality of each dog. And she tries to show the authentic expressions and emotion of dogs in extraordinary natural settings to get captivating portraits.

And Bellot doesn’t put the dogs in any random places. In fact, she carefully chooses combinations of places and dogs that perfectly match both the colors and the atmosphere.

Below are some of Bellot’s majestic dog photos and you can find more on Website | Instagram

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