The fondest memories are made when people are gathered around the table, there’s no denying it. The kitchen is a part of a home that everyone gravitates towards. It is not merely an eat-and-go space.

Here, you chill with your morning coffee, cook birthday cupcakes with your family and spend time telling your friends about your hopes and troubles while trying out new recipes.

The kitchen is the heart of your living space, so you will want to keep it not only strategically equipped and furnished but also cozy. It is a great way to make your house or apartment feel genuinely YOURS.

This article presents you with 7 ideas on how to improve your kitchen and give this space a brand new look.

Renovate Your Kitchen

“Can I improve my kitchen cheaply?” Yes! You don’t need to always spend a fortune on that. Experts from the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise will help you give a pristine new life to any kitchen surface.

The problem with kitchens is that they often look like they’ve been copy-pasted from the same catalogue. That’s why a renovation of your kitchen cabinets, new hardware, or a tabletop may freshen it up and make it unique.

Buy a Can of Paint

 Many studies say that colors affect us significantly. Did you know that walls in hospitals tend to be greenish in order to diminish the medical staff’s dizziness after looking at too much red, especially in operating rooms? This is because this color is on the opposite end of the color wheel from the color of blood.

Though aquamarine can decrease the harmful effects of looking at blood – it is not the most wanted kitchen look. You can paint the walls whatever shade you like or follow the trends – pastels are enormous at the moment. Or add a tint to a white kitchen by coloring the stools or cabinet handles!

Adding just a little color accent can completely change the mood of your kitchen, no matter what color you choose.

Subtle Wall Decor

With this, you are guaranteed to get lots of amazed stares and “Where did you get it from?” questions from your guests. Stick old plates on the wall using hangers, or create shelves from books you wanted to get rid of.

You can also try to make a crazy kitchen wall design using stones and shells – you can check out these ValueWalk ideas. It will make a huge difference and improve your kitchen.

Top Up Your Game

Nutritionist Joy McCarthy says that cooking by yourself can transform you completely. Invest in an excellent Japanese steel knife, a powerful blender, or a ceramic non-sticking pan that will make cooking at home more fun, and motivate you to do more of it.

Check out your pantry, go on YouTube, and you can start your way to being a professional chef. Buying new utensils and mastering a cauliflower cream or a Pekin Duck will not only improve your kitchen but will also boost your energy and confidence.

Add Patterns

If one-color surfaces don’t satisfy you, consider using a unique wallpaper. It adds personality to your kitchen and makes it stand out.

For those of you who like minimalism but would still like to update your kitchen – a rug or cleaning cloth with an ethnic print may be perfect. Or maybe a vintage poster on a wall or the kitchen cabinet doors? You may match many different structures and patterns by keeping them in a similar color range.

A Kitchen Table

The easy answer if you’re looking for how to improve your kitchen is a kitchen table! Sometimes, apartment kitchens and dining rooms can be a little cramped, and if you don’t own a home you’re stuck with what you have – you can’t open up your space by getting rid of a few walls. That’s when creative designers come to your rescue.

You can buy a small square table on thin legs and slide some Ikea stools under it – it will save space. Or you can buy a foldable table and install it on one of the walls. You can keep the chairs in a storage space and take them out when it’s dinner time. Or do you not need a “table” at all? If you have an ample kitchen counter or a kitchen island, add eating pads, chairs, and voilà.

Fancy Chandelier

Even if you may not have that much room on the ground, you certainly have plenty in the air.  Everyone can find something interesting in home decor stores’ light sections. You can choose stainless steel industrial lights that will give your kitchen a modern twist.

If you prefer more traditional designs, go for round chandeliers or candelabra style. By adding colored light bulbs, you will add even more character to your kitchen. Be sure to choose ones with multiple color options!

What Does Your Kitchen Need?

It does not matter if the kitchen is small or big. It will be a vital room in the house. People will gather there and spend their time here. Doesn’t matter if they have to sit on top of the kitchen counters to squeeze in!

Knowing that, make sure to make your kitchen the coziest of all the rooms.

When looking for ways to improve it, try to personalize it and fit in a kitchen table. It may be tiny, but common meals can be the highlights of your day. If you are more used to eating in front of the TV, listen to this BBC Radio 4 program. It will undoubtedly change your mind!

There are many ways to improve the kitchen space, not expensive at all. Make a budget, check out what supplies you already have, and just then hit your nearest Home Depot. It’s your space, so have fun with it!

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