If you are a coffee lover, then you understand how important it is to have it available at all times. Whatever the time is, when it’s time to have coffee, it’s something you look forward to because you rely on it to give you comfort or energy, or even satisfaction. And this all comes from the kind of coffee.

If you’ve been drinking it for long enough, you know by now that there are different kinds that are roasted differently and as a result, the taste differs as well. But have you found the perfect coffee for you just yet?

If you’re not sure how to discover this, then we’ve figured out what you need to do to find out which coffee type suits you best.

Try Different Brands

You might be set in your ways and have known one brand and are content with it, but it’s definitely a good idea to check out different brands. Each makes their coffee differently and you’re likely going to find one that really does it for you in terms of flavor and quality. You’re never going to be able to find out what suits you best if you don’t experiment to begin with. Generally different brands work with different coffee beans from several origins and a variety of roasts.

Compare the Roasts

If you don’t already know this, coffee in its natural form is a green, bland bean, and this is why the roast is more important than you think when it comes to flavor. Coffee is roasted to different degrees, and if you find that you like one brand in particular, make it a point to try all roasts. The options at https://blackinkcoffee.com/ come in all degrees of roasts, and this is vital to your decision-making process. Give each roast a taste to understand what you’ll be leaning more towards. They generally range between light, medium, medium dark and dark roasts.

Do You Like it Black or With Cream?

It really comes down to a matter of preference, but don’t rule out either option without trying both on different blends. You’ll find that light blends may taste better black for someone who generally likes to have their coffee with cream, for example. If you like to have a really robust flavor with your milked coffee, then you need to check if the roast is what you need it to be to suit the cream or not. This can take a bit of trial and error because you might find blends that are less bitter and subtle and vice versa, so don’t just assume- always taste different blends with different options such as cream, spices and the amount of sugar you add, if any at all.

The Origin Affects the Taste

Where your coffee originates from matters because the conditions in which they are grown are different. The soil, the altitude, and even the weather affects the taste of a coffee bean. For instance, when coffee beans are grown at a higher altitude, they generally take longer to grow which mean they are much more dense when they are ripe, and ultimately, this affects the taste in that this coffee bean would be regarded as a sweeter bean that has a more well-rounded taste. So try coffee from different countries to understand what kind of taste works best for you.

Do You Want it Spiced?

Don’t feel like you need to look the other way when the mention of flavors and spices come up. You are no less of a coffee lover when it comes to added options. The reason for this is many of these spices have been found to actually elevate the flavor of certain blends, and you’ll never know or understand until you try. Spices such as cardamom and cinnamon are among the most popular when it comes to elevating the flavor of certain blends without ruining the original taste.

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