You might hear of many “build your own” products, but “build your own bug”? Are you kidding? No, I am serious. With the stamp bug kit from Germany-based illustrator Barbara Dziadosz, you do can create your own type of bug.

If you enjoy both stamps and insects, this match-box style kit is designed for you. Including 25 individual stamps such as insect legs, wings, abdomens, and antennas, you can combine to create any type of insect – be it real or a flight of your fantasy.

The Stamp Bugs kit is a great personalized gift for children and adults alike who are interested in insects and crafts. Get Creative! Unleash your endless creativity with this insect-inspired stamp kit! Whoever knows me should expect to have some crawling bug on every note and card I sent out, since I just got mine bug kit.

You can get yours on amazon or papress.

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