When comes to the kid room, some parents do put a lot of thoughts on it. Someone built custom furniture, someone created art and someone would spend a fortune and hire someone to make their kid’s room special. Moscow-based artist Darina is the person does such kind of work – she transforms kids’ bedrooms with whimsical, hand-painted wall murals that capture the wonders of nature and childhood imagination.

From monkeys swinging from jungle trees to majestic whales swimming through the ocean, each mural looks like a still scene from an animated fantasy film. Besides those dreamlike animal scenes, Darina also creates educational murals like world map. It is not just a world map, it is a map with illustrated animals positioned by their real-life habitat. I guess the kid living in this room could spend hours studying the details and learning all about the diverse species of the planet.

I have no idea how much it cost to have Darina draws these wall murals. But if you want to decorate the wall of your kids room, but don’t have a budget of having someone to personally draw it for you. You can always check place like Amazon and Etsy for some wall decal. Of course, they won’t look as good as what Darina draws. But if comes with a reasonable price and it is easy to remove as well.

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