For Kirsty Elson, a sliver of driftwood or a scrap of metal is a treasure waiting to be transformed. She has a unique talent for seeing beyond the discarded pieces of detritus or trash, envisioning whimsical creatures where others see waste. An old nail and a chunk of worn timber become a sleepy goat, while rusty rods and brush bristles morph into a curious donkey under her skilled hands.

A Love for Found Objects

Elson’s love for found objects has been a driving force in her art for years. She’s always been passionate about giving new life to old elements, previously focusing on creating charming small cottages and picturesque seaside scenes. Recently, however, she’s shifted her creative attention to expressive, whimsical animals. These delightful creatures can be found perched on pegs, rolling on wheels, or warming themselves with tiny scarves, each piece bursting with character and charm.

Playfulness and Humor in Art

“I’m thoroughly enjoying this new path, as I can be even more playful and inject some humor into my work,” Elson shares. Her new direction allows her to explore a playful side, bringing a touch of whimsy and joy to her creations. In these troubled times, her work offers a delightful distraction, inviting viewers to find happiness in the quirky and imaginative world she creates.

Discover More

To see more of Kirsty Elson’s enchanting sculptures, visit her Etsy shop, where each piece is available for purchase. For the latest updates and a peek behind the scenes, follow her on Instagram. Dive into her whimsical world and discover the beauty she finds in the most unexpected places.

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