Combining organic forms with timeless craft, Susanna Bauer highlights incredible details in her delicate leaf sculptures. Using various foraged species like ginkgo, magnolia, and oak, Bauer meticulously stitches around the edges or fills tiny incisions, creating intricate lacework compositions.

A new monograph, Susanna Bauer: IN LEAF, published by 5 Continents Editions, celebrates her use of natural ephemera to craft elegant pieces that explore the relationship between strength and fragility. “Nature becomes a metaphor for humanity: the artfully interwoven threads remind us that we are all part of a vaster network and therefore generators of connections,” writes Valentina de Pasca in an introductory essay.

Bauer has also created a limited edition featuring a magnolia leaf circle crocheted into the opening page. These editions, released in batches, have sold out quickly in the past, so keep an eye on her website for the next update. You can also preorder a standard copy of IN LEAF on Bookshop.

Follow more updates on the artist’s Instagram.

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