Nestled within a Parisian studio lies the enigmatic realm of MRCX, a mysterious planet teeming with peculiar inhabitants. Here, Monsieur Cailloux, the visionary artist, delves into the depths of ceramic exploration to bring to life a whimsical world of quirky creatures.

For Monsieur Cailloux, MRCX is not just a figment of imagination but a realm brimming with surprises and imperfections, each waiting to be unearthed. Through his ceramic creations, he unveils the intricacies of this fantastical universe, revealing its diverse landscapes and inhabitants.

“I spend most of my time on planet MRCX, which is as surprising in its beauty and imperfection as ever. As I explore ceramics, I discover more and more about the different areas of the planet and its inhabitants.” Some of these findings—which he shares as animated reports on Instagram—include tree-like rings that reveal the creatures’ age, an average “locomotion speed” of 50 meters per minute, and that sometimes, when discovered deep in a cave, the specimens even glow in the dark.

Find more mysterious creations from Cailloux’s Instagram.

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