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The Most Disturbing Tableware You Might See

Sculpted from clay, Israeli ceramicist Ronit Baranga creates some extremely unusual / disturbing ceramic sculptural works. Sprouting human fingers and gaping mouths are two common elements in Baranga’s work. The pieces are both silly...


Most Adorable Ceramics by Polish Artist Marta Turowska

Marta Turowska is the artist behind Clay Opera, a shop on Etsy that offers unique ceramic pieces. Marta creates these whimsical blows and plates in the shapes of animals like cats, hedgehogs, frogs, bats...


Moss People:Creepy Ceramic Sculptures by Kim Simonsson

Moss People, created by Sculptor Kim Simonsson, is a series of earthy ceramic almost-alien looking sculptures covered by moss-like nylon coating. Simonsson applied this fantastical aesthetic to the intriguing children and forest creatures who...