Step into the enchanting world of artist Carlos Cabo, where elegant and richly textured garments become the vibrant attire of his ebullient ceramic figures. From the picturesque countryside of Salinas, Spain, Cabo gathers his clay canvas, fashioning tall and slender figures adorned in a kaleidoscope of styles—button-down tunics, dresses, neckties, and hats.

Each ceramic creation is a unique masterpiece, yet a synchronic gesture unites them: mouths agape, singing toward the sky. This shared movement adds a harmonious touch to Cabo’s diverse gallery.

Considered the “skin of the piece,” the textures that cloak these figures are the soul of Cabo’s art. They differentiate each creation, celebrating individuality, while also weaving a narrative of similarities and unity.

Carlos Cabo’s artistic journey takes us beyond the ordinary, showcasing the endless possibilities of clay as he sculpts column-like figures and geometric forms. Experience the vibrant synergy of texture, style, and unity in Cabo’s ceramic choir, where each figure is not just a sculpture but a lyrical expression reaching towards the sky.

Discover more of Cabo’s captivating creations on his website and Instagram, where the melody of his ceramic figures continues to resonate.

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