Monica Carvalho, a Swiss-Portuguese photographer based in Berlin, has always been fascinated by illusionism and magic. With a deep admiration for Surrealists, she finds boundless possibilities in photography.

Her artistic path took a transformative turn with the discovery of Adobe Photoshop, allowing her to merge her photos with imagination, later delving into the realm of AI. Carvalho’s guiding principle is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, elevating the significance of everyday moments.

In the fall of 2023, she embarked on a unique AI project, delving deeper into the enchanting world of prompt photography. Utilizing self-portraits, she skillfully pushes the boundaries of absurd realism. Tranquil models juxtaposed with surreal clothing and environments create a humor-infused composition, sparking intriguing conversations about the evolving role of AI in art. Join Carvalho on her captivating journey of transforming the mundane into the extraordinary through the lens of AI.

More info: Instagram

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