When it comes to home safety, human beings have been using locks since the old days. It has gone through different iterations throughout the ages. Currently, in this modern age, you can find digital locks that operate using PIN codes and biometrics to keep you safe.

However, the age of traditional door locks hasn’t passed us just yet. While the new technology is fascinating, it’s not for everyone. And since it’s new, the price doesn’t make it accessible for everyone. That’s why the majority of locks that people still use these days are the traditional ones.

But will these still be relevant in 2024? This article takes a look into the facts to help answer that question. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Traditional Door Locks Today

As mentioned, traditional door locks are in operation everywhere. Be it for schools, your home, or your office, you can find them in use everywhere. The level of security that you get for the price is one of the main reasons why they’re so reliable.

However, there are a few concerns regarding the use of traditional locks, as experts can pick them easily, rendering them ineffective. To tackle this, companies are coming up with “new and improved” locks and bolts all the time.

However, if you follow the LockPickingLawyer on YouTube, he shows how most of these can be picked or dismantled, in some cases, using different methods. That raises the question of whether or not this security measure will be effective in the future or not.

Technological Advancements in Home Security

Recent developments in home security came about to tackle these rising concerns of home safety. As mentioned before, biometrics and electronic locks are in trend right now. As these utilize IoT sensors, they’re fast and efficient.

Some of these locks even come with apps that you can use to track who’s coming and going in through the doors. You also get the option to open the door remotely using the same applications. These handy features are also part of the charm of digital locks.

However, while thieves can’t pick these locks, there are a few out there that they can dismantle due to poor design. These vulnerabilities make you think about whether there’s any lock out there that can guarantee your safety.

The Security Landscape in 2024

Considering everything that you’ve read up to this point, traditional locks are still looking like an overall better option for security. You don’t get the advanced features with it for sure, but nothing beats a heavy-duty lock and cremone bolt to protect you from attackers in your own home.

Besides, as you’ve already read, electronic locks aren’t cost-effective. So, they’re not suited for the average consumer. Let’s check out some pros and cons of this traditional security system to give you a clear idea.

Advantages of Traditional Door Locks

  1. As it relies on physical mechanisms, there’s no risk of malfunction or system failure for traditional lock and bolt systems.
  2. The lower cost for these locks makes it the first choice for homeowners and small businesses on a budget.
  3. Another benefit of these locks is that they require little to no repairs. In the event that the lock does degrade or needs fixing, it’s feasible to get a completely new one, given its price.

Disadvantages of Traditional Door Locks

  1. Any lockpicking expert with a little practice can open a lock with picking and bumping techniques. This raises concerns regarding the reliability of these locks.
  2. Since these physical locks aren’t connected to any system, it’s impossible to monitor them in real-time. It doesn’t store any records for tampering, which is also an issue for many people.
  3. Since most things are online and connected now, having one of the most crucial parts of your home as a physical object is a disadvantage. Especially for people adopting a digital lifestyle.

Emerging Trends in Locking Systems

As security continues to be a growing concern, the industry is experiencing different trends to improve the situation. For instance, smart locks have started utilizing AI as part of their security system.

These programs can be set to secure the home based on the routine of its residents. This ensures an extra layer of security for the homes.

Keyless security systems have also become a thing. In today’s world, the less stuff you carry on your person, the better. Eliminating the need for a physical key for your locks is part of that. It’s quite easy to see this trend continuing as the world heads into a new year.

Securing Your Home

The choice between the latest home security technologies and traditional locks and bolts isn’t black and white. You need to consider different factors, such as cost and ease of use. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to how much you value your safety.

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