Would you believe someone can sculpt botanical details with ceramic? Enter the enchanting world of Kaori Kurihara, a masterful artist who breathes life into clay, delicately crafting elegant petals, scalloped fans, and seed-like textures. Kurihara’s sculptures transcend the boundaries of traditional art, seamlessly blending realism with whimsy.

For Kurihara, the magic lies in merging imaginary plants with a palpable sense of reality. She consciously observes their natural environment, even growing different plants from seed to intimately understand their nuances. “I try to associate imaginary plants with a more realistic feeling,” Kurihara shares. Her aim is simple yet profound: to create ceramic pieces that feel alive, pulsating with the vibrancy of the natural world.

Delving into Kurihara’s working process unveils a deeply personal touch. She actively cultivates various plant types, observing their growth and meticulously recording details. It’s a hands-on approach that adds a living dimension to her art, forging an intimate connection between the creator, the material, and the subject.

Kurihara’s inspiration extends beyond the confines of her studio. Her upcoming feature in the book “Ceramic Artists on Creative Processes,” set for release in February, promises an intimate journey into her world. By pre-ordering a copy, you gain access to a behind-the-scenes exploration of the artist’s mind, discovering the intricacies that shape her captivating ceramic sculptures.

To catch a glimpse of Kaori Kurihara’s botanical wonders, visit her website and Instagram.

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