Nestled within polka-dotted expanses, stripes, and leafy motifs, can you find Sandra Apperloo’s miniature faces? These quirky characters have pointed noses, freckles, and tiny, black eyes, and hiding on these lovely bud vases.

As part of the Utrecht-based ceramicist’s line of Weirdo Bud Vases, these vases are just wide enough to hold a stem or two within their tall, slim bodies. To create each piece, Apperloo hand-builds the rounded vessel, slip-casts facial features and arm-like handles, and finally, paints strands of hair and colorful patterns. Apperloo doesn’t plan each piece in advance, instead favoring a method that involves “finding what feels good at that moment.” As Apperloo said, that process helps her to stay open-minded and try out new things.

If you like these playful ceramics and want to get one or two, you’ll want to keep an eye on her Instagram for announcements about shop updates.

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