Paper birds are not something new. But the sculptures made by Lisa Lloyd are a bit different. Lloyd uses swirling paper strips to create birds and give the illusion that they are in motion.

The U.K.-based artist shapes the individual pieces into wide curves, mixing a variety of materials and hues from flat graphic colors to shimmering metallic. Abstract and energetic, the resulting sculptures contain a chaotic blend of emotion within circles of feathers and protective scales.

Besides this latest swirling collection, Lloyd also created some super cool 3D creatures (previous). Fluffy bird, hairy bee or flower bouquet, there are many vivid paper artworks you can find on her Instagram page. You can actually purchase the print of these work on her website. It will be a great decoration for you wall.

Lisa Lloyd also posted videos documenting how she made these birds. If you like crafting, you might get some inspiration from these videos.

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