Beach4Art is an ongoing project for a family of four, Slares, her husband Dzintars, and their two children. They Together, they create ephemeral beach art along the shores of the North Devon coast in England.

Using colorful rocks, shells, sea glass, and more found objects on beach, they produce portraits of varying subjects, including birds, mammals, and florals. The results are playful and highlight the beautiful colors to be found in using natural materials. The family of four began creating beach art when one child was tasked with making a mandala during the initial COVID-19 lockdown. They decided to use the assignment as an opportunity to get out of the house and collect natural materials for it. They enjoyed the process so much that they began to do it every weekend. Now, years later, they continue to create land art, some of it going beyond the coast.

Besides the beach art, the family also assembled designs using unripe, rotten, and fallen fruit, as well as flowers when they are not around the water. In this article, we will feature some our favorite beach art of animal portraits. You can find more from their Instagram page. Moreover, Beach4Art sells their work as photo prints available on Etsy.

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