If you are planning on launching a range of canned beer products, there is a lot you need to consider with regard to the design of the cans and the labels. After all, the design can make or break the success of your venture.

But in addition to design elements, when it comes to creating the label, it is crucial that you include the right information. Indeed, you are legally required to include certain information, so it is of the utmost importance that you know what info must be included.

Here are eight of the most important things to know.

1. You Need to Follow the Alcohol Tax and Tobacco Trade Bureau Rules

In the US, the Alcohol Tax and Tobacco Trade Bureau has set rules concerning what must be included on beer labels. You not only need to ensure that you follow those rules. You also need to ensure the bureau approves your label. You can then be issued a Certificate of Label Approval.

2. You Must Include Your Brand Name

By understanding craft beer can label design intricacies and information requirements, you can make sure you get your labels just right. Obviously, one of the most important elements of a label is the inclusion of your brand name.

The Alcohol Tax and Tobacco Trade Bureau requires your brand name to be on the front of your label. Furthermore, if the can contains more than eight ounces of beer, the brand name must be in a font that is at least two millimeters high.

3. You Must Include the Name and Address

It is also mandatory that you include the name and address of either the producer, bottler, or packer of the product on your label. You can place that on either the front, side or back of the can.

4. You Must List the Net Contents

Another mandatory piece of information you need to include on the label is the measurement of the beer contained in the can. You will need to list the net contents in either fluid ounces or pints.

5. You Must List the Alcohol Content

Similarly, you need to inform customers how much alcohol content your canned beer contains, such as 5% ABV. Listing the alcohol content enables customers to better understand how alcoholic a beer is and make an informed decision as to whether to choose that specific beer or another.

6. You Need to Include Health Warning Information

Do not overlook including health warning information on the label.

That means following the government warning statement from the surgeon general that states women should not drink alcohol when pregnant due to the risk of birth defects and that consumption of alcohol by anyone can impair their ability to operate machinery and drive a car.

7. You Need to List the Country of Origin

Another piece of information that needs to be on your beer can label is the country of origin, such as “Product of Canada.” However, that is not mandatory if your beer is only produced and sold in the US.

But even if that is the case, it is a good idea to include the country of origin on the label so that your customers know where it was produced.

8. Make Sure the Information on the Label Is Legible

Finally, it is important that all of the information contained on your beer can label is legible. So, avoid using fonts that are too small. Avoid using unclear typefaces, too. Your potential customers need to be able to easily read the information contained on your label.

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