In a wedding, the beautiful wedding dress and splendid flowers probably are the most eye-catching elements. Japanese artist and wedding dress designer, Hanaco Hanasakura, has a creative thought and cleverly merger them together. She creates dramatic ballgowns using various types of flowers and their petals.

To create such fashion illustrations, Hanasakura first draws images of women using simple lines and leaving lots of breathing room. Then she fills these area with a touch of nature, turning the drawing into a true centerpieces. Hanasakura use these botanical additions to build various and accessories, like head scarfs, hairbows, and hats.

The simple composition of Hanasakura’s illustrations allows the viewer to fully appreciate the beauty of each flower petal. According to Hanasakura “I only use discarded / wilted flowers and leaves in the work to show even abandoned flowers can still blossom.” And it is so true. These botanical dressing are so impressive. No matter it is a scarlet roses ballgown or a blossoming mini skirt, it just makes you hope these dressing are actually existed. Fortunately, Hanasakura does translate many of her floral fashion illustrations into real dresses through her bridal line Flowery Fields. So someone will be lucky enough to actually wear these pretty dressing.

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