There’s no denying that fresh floral bouquets can bring a room to life. However, fresh cut flower has a limited lifespan. And pot plants are challenges for someone who don’t have green thumb. Hence, the dried flowers as the low-maintenance option is a lovely way to bring the beauty of nature into your home all year round. Popular during Victorian times, decorating with dried flowers has made a big come back in recent years as a way to connect with nature, and makes a fabulous alternative to fresh flowers.

There are plenty of ways to display dried flowers throughout your home. The easiest way is put have a Bouquet in the vase. However, there are many other creative ways to way dried flowers. Here are some of our favorite creative ideas.

Dried Flower Bouquet on Natural Wood

Materials: Jute, Dried Plants and Flowers, Natural Wood
Small: 12-14cm width
Medium: 16-18cm width
Large: 20-25cm width

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Dried flower mobile

Beautiful wall hanging or mobile or window decor made with real giant dandelion seeds (meadow goat’s beard) encapsulated in epoxy resin suspended from a driftwood branch.

– eco epoxy resin
– real flowers
– driftwood
– copper filled silver wire
– waxed polyester cord

– resin pieces 10 and 6 cm diameter
– lenght incl. resin pendants 28.5 cm
– driftwood 19.5 cm long

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Real columbine flowers in epoxy resin on a stand of drift wood

Unique home decor with real columbine flowers, pressed and preserved in a rectangular disk of transparent epoxy resin and placed on a stand of driftwood. This decor piece was lovingly handmade.

– resin piece 12 x 8 cm
– driftwood approx. 22 long
– total height approx 11.5 cm

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Dried Flower Wreath

A beautiful white and ivory wreath arranged on a gold hoop made with soft and fluffy dried pampas grass, white dried Italian ruscus, thistle and other dried flowers. This would be a gorgeous soft wall accent in a bedroom, kids room, sunroom, livingroom, entryway or anywhere you like to relax indoors!

The total width of the finished wreath is about 16″.

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Wall crown dried flowers

Wall crown in dried flowers mounted on a wooden embroidery drum.
Everything is made by hand, the brown soliflore is vintage, it will fit perfectly with your boho interior.

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Heidi Flower Wreath

Dried flower wreath is a popular decoration design from our store. The flower wreath can be used to decorate on your window, door or wall.. Dried flowers are used to present artistically on these wreath.

Width: 30 centimetres
Height: 30 centimetres

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Vintage Pressed Flower Glass Frame

Real flowers pressed and arranged beautifully in a glass frame.

Small: 11 cm x 16 cm
Medium: 17 cm x 24 cm
Large: 26 cm x 26 cm

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Boho Dried Flowers Wall Decoration

This piece is made with dried flowers, a metal ring, and jute twine. A perfect addition to any room to add a little bohemian touch.

Width: 12 inches
Height: 18 inches

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Strikingly beautiful and pleasant earth tones make your home look open and inviting.

A real eye-catcher due to the noble wooden bar made of oak and the combination of white Lagurus and Pampasgras, terra- and salmon-colored Phalaris and Broom.

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