There are many reasons that may lead to a change in design when it comes to the interior of your home; perhaps you and another have merged households, or you have inherited furniture from a loved one. This may sound like a nightmare situation, having to work out how to mix modern and traditional, but you would be surprised at actually just how beautifully it can be done.

When blended together, rustic and modern designs can provide a sleek and elegant natural charm with a warm and comfortable feel. There are 2 ways you can mix rustic and modern:

Mixing Rustic With Modern Interiors

Rustic With Modern Furnishings

You may live in a lovely converted barn or a beautiful farm house cottage, yet still crave that modern and contemporary feel in your home. Exposed beams and rustic wooden flooring can still easily be combined with fresh and current furnishings.

Within a rustic kitchen for example, granite worktops will bring a natural yet elegant touch, without taking over the whole style of the room. In a sitting room, the simple addition of a bright and funky coffee table will do wonders to tie together the modern and traditional elements. In your bedroom you could even adjust the lighting or picture frames to add just a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Accessories can easily be added throughout a rustic home to incorporate modern style with simple touches such as metallic vases, large glass mirrors and minimalistic clocks.

Mixing Rustic With Modern Interiors

Modern With Rustic Furnishings

If you live in a state of the art apartment, or a new build house that sparkles from corner to corner, you may crave a touch of traditional comfort in your home. Neutral wallpaper and fluffy new carpets can be easily combined with wooden and rustic furnishings.

In a modern kitchen, the easiest substitute to make is for a gorgeous wooden kitchen table. This will make a huge difference to the room but blend easily in the current décor. In the sitting room, a stone fireplace and wooden side tables will bring a warm and rustic feel in any season. You bedroom can easily be blended with a range of solid oak furniture available at, including beds, bed side tables and wardrobes mixed beautifully with modern fabrics and lighting.

You can easily add accessories throughout your home to bring out the rustic, traditional style with chunky wooden picture frames and mirrors, flowers and plants adorned around the house and vintage ornaments such as jugs and trinkets placed delicately in each room.

Mixing Rustic With Modern Interiors

As you can see, combining modern and traditional styles in your home is simple and easy and will give your decor an extra depth and level of comfort. Warm wood can be beautifully combined with bright and modern colors and materials to create a sleek and elegant home.

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