Small living spaces do not always have enough storage or floor space to accommodate all the accessories of a full-sized home. However, with the right choice of space-saving furniture, even the smallest of apartments can feel roomy. If you are shifting to a smaller place or redecorating a studio apartment, you need to invest in furniture items that have practical design and serve multiple purposes.

There are a number of home decor stores where you can get a personalized shopping experience. But first, you need to choose space-saving furniture ideas that will help you make the most of your available space.

1. Explore a Storage Bed:

Storage is a big concern when you have a space crunch. Instead of investing in a wardrobe or a storage unit, get yourself a storage bed. You can store a lot of things inside the bed and can access those things without any hassle. You can raise the bed above the floor using brackets or stands to get more space for storage. Most of these storage bed options come with a hydraulic system which can be used to access the storage inside the bed easily. However, some storage beds also come with drawers or pull-outs, as well as open and lift-up units.

2. Sofa-cum Bed:

This piece of furniture is the most common item found in small apartments. This space-saving furniture functions like a regular bed but can be folded up to transform into a sofa when required. It is a great option to have in a smaller apartment where you need a spare bed for the guests. Most of these modern-day sofa beds transition smoothly from sofa to bed and vice versa with little effort. You can even use the foot of the bed as an additional storage space. Such sofa cum beds come in various designs and sizes. So, choose one that seamlessly blends with the ongoing theme of your apartment and can be placed nicely in one corner.

3. Folding Wall Desks:

A foldable wall desk can be a useful addition to your compact studio apartment. This piece of furniture functions as a tabletop surface when you flip it out. It can be used as a desk for study or work or to keep things on it for a while. When you are done, just lift it back up into the bracket on the wall. It takes almost zero space but gives you the option of a study table. If you need some floor space, you can fold back the desk and use the area as per your need. Consider investing in a chair that can be paired with the foldable desk and won’t look out of place when you are not using it with the desk.

4. Choose Stackable Chairs:

If you are planning to buy chairs for your apartment, go for the stackable chairs. This furniture option will help you fully utilize your available space. While these chairs take up little room already, you can also easily stack them together when you need additional space. You can place these chairs together to create a designated seating area as well. Also, when you do not have enough space for a proper table, you can use a stack of chairs as a temporary solution. This easy-to-manage seating solution can be a great addition to your small apartment.

5. Use Multipurpose Shelving:

When you do not have much floor space left for a new piece of furniture, you should try to utilize the vertical space to store or display your photo frames, useful gadgets, accessories, and more. Wraparound wall shelves are a great space-saving solution that helps you minimize clutter on the floors. Furthermore, you can use these shelves as a display area. Apart from the shelves, you can also install wall cabinets to create additional wall space as a storage solution and keep your everyday items in the cabinet.


While furnishing your small apartment, you need to choose the items very carefully. Space-saving furniture items, such as storage beds, foldable desks, and sofa beds, can serve multiple purposes. However, you need to make sure that these items go well with the rest of the decor. Thankfully, most of the aforementioned pieces of furniture come in different designs and sizes. You may also consider hiring a professional carpenter who can create customized furniture based on the space available in your apartment.

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