As the vibrant hues of Chinese New Year approach, celebrating the Year of the Dragon becomes a profound nod to cultural symbolism. Unlike their Western counterparts, Chinese dragons are revered for bringing strength, prosperity, and good fortune—qualities that make them a popular choice for auspicious decorations during this special year. Choosing to adorn spaces with Chinese dragon-themed decor isn’t just a stylistic preference; it’s a cultural celebration infused with meaning.

To help you invite the mythical creature into your surroundings, we handpicked a collection of Chinese Dragon Decor. There are many cool stuffs among this collection, such as Sandstone Chinese Dragon Statue, Dragon Metal Wall Art and the set of dragon Gongfu Tea Set. Let’s embrace the mythical charm and usher in prosperity with these exquisite and symbolic treasures.

Chinese Dragon Crystal Ball

Advanced 3D laser technology is used to etched the Chinese dragon into the crystal ball, it seems vivid and realistic.

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Chinese Feng Shui Dragon Statue

Xiang dragon, is a legendary auspicious creature in ancient China. Without an anus, it has a huge mouth which can swallow wealth in the world without expelling it. The Xiang dragon, which has the meaning of auspiciousness, luck, success, etc., is regarded as the favorite dragon statue.

Size:8.1″(L) x 2.6″(W) x 6″(H) , made of ceramics.

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11 Inch Large Chinese Feng Shui Dragon Statue

This China Feng Shui Dragon is the symbol of protection and success. Placing it at home or office can bring you fortune and good luck. guard your house and ward off ill fortune.

Size: 11 x 4.3 x 6.3 Inch
Material: Resin.

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Chinese Gongfu Tea Set

Create a tea set with Chinese characteristic culture, with a unique Kung Fu color, and the tea tasted out of the way. This Flame Glazed Tea Set includes 1 Pot Holder, 1 Outer Pot, 1 Inner Pot, 1 Justice Cup and 8 Tea Cups for 8 People.

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Chinese Dragon Flower Area Rug Rugs

Brings a uniquely modern, multicolor perspective to your home. These highly unique and versatile area rugs are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

Size: 80 x 58 inch.
Material: Soft sponge interlayer and durable high density elastic cotton.

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Dragon Tea Cups with Infuser and Lid

This high quality Chinese tea mug was handmade in the Sichuan province of China, where the quality of the Yixing Zisha purple clay is excellent. With its loose tea strainer, this Chinese Dragon mug is perfect for any variety of tea : green, red or even black tea.

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Antique Chinese Dragon Engraving Drinking Cup

Strong material made, this Chinese style cup is very reusable, safe and durable to use. Eye-catching design, bringing you a great drinking experience good sense of elegance. The tea cup is light in weight and small, easy to carry.

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Sandstone Chinese Dragon Decor Statue

This piece has been skillfully cast from stone & will age beautifully. Width: 4.6 centimetres; Height: 5 centimetres

Materials: stone, Sandstone


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Chinese Dragon Vase

Beautifully designed and 3d printed Chinese Dragon Vase available in a range of silky smooth and vibrant colours. This is a 3D printed item made from PLA which is a non-toxic material – it is made from renewable natural sources (usually fermented plant starch from corn or other roots).

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Dragon Metal Wall Art

The elegant metal wall art will be stunning beauty to your wall. This unique design will reflect your style in your space. Your guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off your high-quality metal wall decor with impressive details.

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Flying dragon LED Sign

Programmable Multicolour LED Dynamic Glam Sign—an exquisite blend of innovation and aesthetics. With its Cut-to-Edge Shape and slim profile, it seamlessly merges with any wall, resembling a beautiful picture. Immerse yourself in a captivating spectrum of vibrant colors, reminiscent of a mesmerizing rainbow.

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