Philip Kupferschmidt’s ceramic vessels are anything but ordinary. With their playful grins and snouts peering out from behind drippy, liquid-like exteriors, each piece is a unique and whimsical work of art. Kupferschmidt, an Orange County-based artist, has gained a following for his slouching vases and mugs, which are effused with beads of clay that appear suspended in a liquid state as they ooze and trickle down the walls of each vessel.

Despite his general themes, no two pieces are identical, nor is the surface of each vessel exactly alike. Kupferschmidt hand-forms each piece on the wheel and is interested in exploring unique approaches to decorative and functional ceramics through design, color, and glaze experimentation.

After throwing on the wheel, Kupferschmidt manipulates each piece into its final amorphous form by pushing, bending, and pulling the clay. Sometimes he allows the material to dry slightly before continuing the manipulation process. The artist then applies numerous drops and globs of clay by hand and meticulously glazes each piece to achieve a finish that is distinctively his own.

If you are interested in adding one of Kupferschmidt’s functional or decorative pieces to your own collection, be sure to check out his shop and follow updates on new releases on his Instagram page. Each piece is a unique work of art that will add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any space.

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