If you’re a fan of ceramic art and love to discover new sculptors, then Nastia Calaca is about to become a highlight. Although Calaca’s sculptures are not most adorable or realistic, her ceramic sculptures can easily raise a smile on your face.

As Nastia said, “Well, some of my creatures may not be immediately recognizable because their looks often differ from an “official” description. My panda bear might get a tail, a giraffe could sport a designer pattern on its back, or you could even see a cat with extra digits.”

All these imperfection or difference contributes to Nastia’s unique style. Even the copy she made on-demand are different from the original, they have mood and character of their own; some gain a wee bit of weight. So every piece you got from Nastia’s shop is unique.

And she also encourage people to try out. Ceramics is a unique medium that allows everyone to get something out of this world – just imagine, that for a couple of hours you can make a nice cup or a funny creature from a piece of mud, using only your bare hands.

Honestly, I like these charming sculptures a lot until I saw the price at her Esty shop. Understand unique art comes with price. But I guess, I will more likely create my own imperfect ceramic sculptures instead of paying over 400 USD for a toad sculpture.

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