The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world works. Cities all over the globe shut down, and everyone was forced to stay home. The economy slowed and, in some places, went into recession. The stock market became volatile, with many people losing millions. Many people who worked full-time in a central business district office suddenly found themselves working from home. Some never went back, even after the vaccinations rolled out, and it became safer to go out.

Working from home is here to stay for many busy professionals who benefit from the flexibility and no commute time. Some people find they are even more productive at home without a busy and noisy office to distract them. However, if your own home office setup is not set up or designed well, working at home can be detrimental to your wellness.

This helpful article will share five easy ways that you can promote wellness in your home office design, so you can stay healthy and happy while working from home. Read on to discover more.

Invest in a Standing Desk

By investing in a home office standing desk, you can promote a sense of health and well-being while working from home.

Sitting all day can make you stiff, sore and uncomfortable. It compresses your spine and hips and can lead to sprains, strains or tired muscles that work hard to compensate for your sitting posture. And when you’re home instead of in the office, you have less reason to get up and walk, as speaking to a colleague usually involves a phone call, virtual meeting or chat program.

A standing desk mitigates the risk of sitting all day by allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing. This way, you don’t stay in any position long enough to strain your body.

Sound and Light

Did you know that certain sounds can have an impact on your well-being? For instance, a crying baby that isn’t yours might grate on your nerves, while your favourite music can soothe and calm you down. You can incorporate sound into your home office design by investing in a small sound system or a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can play your favourite tunes or even have some ambient soundscapes playing without worrying about bothering anyone. This can help you focus and stay well throughout the working day.

Light is also essential when it comes to home office design. If possible, you should have a natural light source, such as a window or door, to let in the sunlight. Natural light will keep you feeling good, as well as boost your vitamin D production. You may also want a tiny lamp at your desk to assist you with reading hard-copy documents or other paperwork.

Have Space to Move

You want to break up the working day with some movement to keep your blood flowing and to stay energised and feeling fresh. You should allow some space in your home office for this.

If you have room for an exercise machine or bike, pop it in your home office. If not, do you have space for an exercise or yoga mat that you can use for some star jumps, jogging in the spot or yoga stretches? If so, perfect. Ensure you break up your work day with some movement.

Cultivate House Plants

Did you know that houseplants have proven benefits for your mood, well-being and health? At the very least, they scrub the air of impurities, allowing you to breathe fresh and clean oxygen. Caring for them also benefits your well-being, as keeping them alive and seeing them flourish boosts your mood.

You should cultivate a collection of houseplants in your home office to improve your wellness at work, and if you’re not a natural green thumb, here is a list of difficult to kill, easy to care for houseplants.

Separate Work from Home

If possible, keep your home office separate from the rest of your life at home. If you can close the door at the end of the day and not go back into the room until the next morning, excellent. If your home office shares space with another room, such as your living or dining room, try to find ways that you can separate the two. For instance, you might put your work laptop away in a drawer along with the keyboard and mouse or drape a sheet over the equipment.

Try to have other rituals to keep your home and home office separate, such as showering after a work day or going for a walk around the block to clear your head and get out of “work mode” and into “home mode”.

Summing Up

This helpful article has shared five easy ways to promote wellness in your home office design. What other things can you think of?

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