Your home is your sanctuary. As with any peaceful setting, how it makes you feel is its main appeal. Since you spend so much time in your home, you want it to be calm and relaxing. So, what can you do to improve its atmosphere? Is it really possible to give your current place an upgrade in serenity?

Here are five tips on giving your home a more relaxing mood:

1. Invest in the best furniture money can buy.

Comfort is king, which is why cardboard furniture won’t do. Good furniture is a true investment. According to the article The Ultimate Japanese Bed: Akita Platform, Japanese interior design is excellent for a look that is calming and stylish at the same time. It delivers restful slumber nights due to its unique design and superior construction. When you buy furniture with craftsmanship in mind, you’ll seldom be disappointed.

5 Tips On Giving Your Home A More Relaxing Mood

2. Don’t forget to include lighting in your remodeling plans.

It’s amazing how a certain type of lamp or wall sconce can completely change the look and feel of a room. Experiment with different types of light fixtures and light bulbs. You’ll also want to introduce natural light from the sun by raising blinds or throwing back curtains on the windows in your home. It’s incredible how sunlight can make you instantly feel at peace wherever you’re at.

5 Tips On Giving Your Home A More Relaxing Mood

3. Infuse color strategically into spaces.

Your walls may be painted a neutral color. That doesn’t mean that you cannot invite color into your home in other ways. Through the fabrics that you choose to the wall art you decorate with, you are able to make a room sing. Blues and greens are considered cool colors and used throughout homes and commercial spaces as a way of making people feel calm, cool, and collected. Think of ways you can add color strategically. A little goes a long way!

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5 Tips On Giving Your Home A More Relaxing Mood

4. Use an essential oil diffuser to disperse calming scents throughout your home.

A highly effective way to invite more calm into a space is through the sense of smell. Select a few essential oil varieties or blends to use. Set up diffusers in the rooms that you think will benefit the most from the addition of scent. Then disperse the essential oil whenever you need to feel more relaxed. Lavender is among the most calming aromas you’ll find. It’s perfect for the bedroom because it invites restful slumber.

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5 Tips On Giving Your Home A More Relaxing Mood

5. Play music that takes you away from your worries.

A good home entertainment system or set of speakers allows you to play your favorite tunes wherever you are inside your home. Use music to transport you to another place, away from the stresses of day-to-day living. It’s a powerful tool that can make your home feel more inviting to other people, too, if you like to entertain. Create playlists that include songs that put you in a relaxing mood quickly. Play them whenever you want to invite a particular feeling into your day.

Add layers of comfort to every room. From fuzzy throws to comfy pillows, there are plenty of ways to warm up a space. Think of the many things you find comforting and then use them in your home as a way of making it feel more like it belongs to you. Add photos of cherished family members and friends. Keep a tea kettle on the stove for the times you want a cup of chamomile before bed. Incorporate the things you love in every room and you’ll instantly feel relaxed in whichever room you’re in. You won’t need to go far to find things that you love and want to enjoy.

Experiment with the tips listed above to see which feels right for you. You’ll know instantly if a suggestion increases your sense of calm or adds to the chaos. Use your senses as a guide as you work to create the ideal scenario in each room of your home. That way, as soon as you enter it, you’re overcome with a sense of satisfaction knowing that it looks and feels the way you intended it to.

5 Tips On Giving Your Home A More Relaxing Mood

The Perfect Setting for Relaxation

Make your home an oasis of tranquility. You now know just how to do it. From purposefully selecting artwork and photographs to hang on your walls to evoking a sense of calm through the scents you disperse throughout your home, you have all the options. Think of things that make you feel serene as a person and find ways to incorporate them into the aesthetic of your apartment or house.

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