A well-designed swimming pool area can add a touch of glamour to your landscape. All the homes with a large enough outdoor area should include water features, because they enhance the design of the property.

The pool is the central element of the backyard; therefore, you will have to decide the shape, size and location of the swimming pool before starting to plan any other aspect. The pool alone is not enough to create the backyard of your dreams, so if you want to create a space that inspires peacefulness, you should enhance the outdoor space with some extra features.

Tips to design the pool

Decide where you want to install the swimming pool

When you decide where you want to install the swimming pool you have to keep in mind that it is more than a simple place where you swim during the hot days of summer. It is an element that has a great impact on the way the landscape looks. Ideally, you should place the pool in the sunniest spot in your backyard. If the pool is visible from your house, or from outside the house, you should choose it a place that makes it attractive even during the cold season.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

When building a pool in your backyard there are several elements you need to consider. Pools above ground are some of the most common types of pools found in backyards that are easy to install and use. If this is your first experience, the experts at Watson will help you plan and prepare so that you can have the best swimming pools above ground.

What shape do you prefer?

The majority of homeowners prefer rectangular pools. In case you want to come with a unique design, you should contact professionals to help you, because it can be quite difficult to incorporate it in the landscape of the property. The swimming pools that feature irregular shapes generate a lot of attention; you may not want the pool to be the focus of attention. Stick with a classic shape, it will be easier to find a pool cover to fit it. If you want to create a spa-inspired space, you should build the swimming pool in an oval or round shape.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

How people will get to the pool

You will have to map a route from your house to the pool to establish how people will access the swimming area. When you establish the pathway you should also think about the distance people will have to walk to get to the play and dining areas. In case you do not have to build access routes on all four sides of the pool, you can plant grass on three sides, and install hard surfaces on the remaining side.

You can install a pool with an infinity edge

If you have a breath-taking view from your court, you should install an infinity-edge pool, because it will become the striking element that makes your property look astonishing. It is important to carefully choose the placement of the pool, because it has to work perfectly with the other elements of the landscape. If you want to dramatize the view during the night, lights add an extra design dimension. The lights under the water will highlight the intensity of the colour you choose for the pool, and will make the pool more pleasant to be used during the night.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Tips to design the area surrounding the pool

Install a hammock

If you want your swimming pool area to have a comforting and intimate look, you should add a hammock close to the water. When it comes to the colour of the fabric colour, you have countless options from which to choose. For a pop of style, you can add a pillow or blanket. Another great idea is to add some hammock chairs close to the pool, they are perfect if you love to host parties.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Choose a dining set

If you have plenty of space in the backyard, create a dining area close to the pool. A dining set is the best investment you can make if you have a large family, or if you like to host gatherings. Depending on the function, the space will have, you can decide upon the model of the set. Do not worry about the budget, because dining sets come in a wide range of prices. You will have to find one that suits the style of the landscape. Also, make sure that it is made from a durable material that can stand the test of time and weather.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Create an in-pool chaise area

If you are not the type of person who loves to spend time with their friends around a dining table, you can design an in-pool chaise area. It adds an elegant touch to the swimming pool area, and the furniture items come in beautiful colours. If you prefer a minimalist vibe, opt for white chaise loungers. Search the market for chaise loungers made from polyethylene, because they are nearly indestructible and easy to clean.

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Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Solar showers

Do you love to spend a lot of time at the pool? Then you will appreciate this addition to the swimming area. You can rinse out whenever you want, and you will not have to worry that the energy bills will be more expensive. You should check the market for a model that is powered by the sun. When you no longer use the shower, you can unhook it and store it in the garage until the next summer.

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Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Bird feeders

It is a no better way to relax at the pool than listening to the song of birds. If you are a lucky homeowner and you have a house in an exotic or tropical area, then you can create your own paradise in the back of your house. You should install some bird feeders in the trees near your house to attract the birds, if you want to enjoy their thrills. If you have the needed skills, you can build the feeders yourself.

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Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

Build a vertical garden

Obtain a tropical getaway look with the help of some plants. If you do not have space on the horizontal to grow a garden, you can do it on vertical. You can find on the market a kit and an assembled planter; you will only have to choose the types of plants you prefer, and care for them regularly.

Enhance your swimming pool area like a pro

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