Your living room could become so much more when you have a fireplace. Or perhaps, you have one now, but revamping it can certainly do wonders for your space. And to start, there are many fabulous fireplace decorating ideas that can enhance the look of your living room. From adding simple pieces of art to changing your fireplace’s whole look, there’s a lot that you could do.

That said, here are some decorating ideas you may want to consider for your fireplace:

Whitewash Your Fireplace

Whitewashing your fireplace is an inexpensive and easy way to make it appear new. This is especially if you have a brick fireplace that hasn’t been updated for years now. By whitewashing the brick, you can give texture and variety to the fireplace because its color can come through the painted finish.

For this project, you can either use shite semi-gloss paint or limewash, which is a specific type of paint used for bricks. But, if you want a more natural, permeable, non-toxic product, then a limewash can be the better option.

In addition, limewash also doesn’t flake off, peel, or fade over time. It’s also easy to maintain it because you can easily apply another coat on the area that has been scrubbed off or wipe it off with mild dish soap.

Nonetheless, you still need to protect the fireplace’s surrounding area before whitewashing it. Do so by masking off the trim and the mantel and adding some cloth on the floors. And more so, before applying the limewash, you should ensure that the fireplace is free of debris or dirt. You can do this by scrubbing off all the soot around it, washing it with water, and drying the bricks.

Go For A Farmhouse Style

If you want a cozy vibe for your living room, go for a little bit of country on your fireplace and its mantel. You can fill a ceramic salt cellar or blue glass salt shaker with backyard blooms. Or you can also use an equally aged spongeware pitcher with a vintage spatterware platter.

A weathered window-winding basket on your mantel can also do the trick. Then, add some of your favorite books on country style to achieve a more farmhouse style.

Add A Mirror

If you have a wood mantel, adding a mirror against the wall can be good. This can help add a laid-back look to your white-painted brick and wood fireplace and mantel. Here, you don’t need a hammer to put the mirror on the wall because you can use a sturdy mirror or the ones with a stand to rest against the wall.

Make It A Focal Point

You can also make your fireplace a focal point of your seating area. This can be a good idea if you want intimate seating for you and your family to enjoy in front of a fireplace.

You can do this by grouping the ‘fireplace chairs’ or wingback chairs in front of the fireplace. You can also add a flatscreen TV instead of putting decorations on the fireplace mantel. If you have a view outside, then group the chairs in front of the window to enjoy the scenery.

Create A Floating Shelf On A Textured Fireplace

Texture can significantly impact your fireplace’s design, whether its material is tile or stone. You can make a 3D effect by creating unevenly overlapping materials. Then, establish balance by having a division between two shelves placed on either side of the fireplace.

Lastly, tie together the beams on your ceiling and hold a minimalist art by adding a floating wooden shelf as a mantel.

Make Non-Functional Fireplace Stylish

Another idea worth considering is to redesign your living room and make a non-functional fireplace as a decorative element. It can create a statement in your space or as a backdrop, even if it’s not the focal point.

You can create a casual, bohemian-style lounge to relax and sit in by adding a pouf, chair, or stool in front of the fireplace. Add some wall art and abstract to help tie the living room to its adjacent space. And, of course, add a cowhide rug to make the seating area more casual. This can be a perfect seating area that doesn’t require heat but is ideal if you want an inviting and relaxed lounging area.

On the other hand, you can also make the non-functional fireplace functional. While you may not use it for burning wood, you can certainly repurpose it in other ways. For instance, you can line up some books inside the hearth, making it a bookshelf instead of just being a corner decor.


Your fireplace’s purpose is to not only give you heat during the cold weather, but it can also become the focal point or functional décor in your living room. However, you don’t have to spend much when boosting the aesthetics of your living room. Simply adding ornaments on or around your fireplace can do the trick. And more so, considering the decorating ideas mentioned in this article can send you off to a good start in revamping your living room.

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