If you walk into a well-designed home, it immediately tells a story and conveys character. People will instinctively fall in love with the place without even knowing why, but their sixth sense draws them into the inviting environment before them. When interior design is done well, it draws out the right balance of yin and yang. The Feng Shui (whether one is a believe in it or not) tends to be just right. It also provides the right “wow” factor for the people to continue to love the place.

2 innovative lights that you should consider for your next interior design project

Awe inspiring designs continue to impress. There are a few components that work behind the scenes of some of the most impressive designs. Here are a couple that you should keep an eye out for.


There’s almost no better feeling than looking into the clear blue sky and clearing your thoughts. Scientific studies have concluded that natural light helps people’s health and well being. However, until recently, mimicking natural light wasn’t possible. That was until Professor Paolo Di Trapani redefined the lighting industry by reproducing a virtual experience of the sun with CoeLux.

2 innovative lights that you should consider for your next interior design project

More buildings are being designed to maximize the amount of natural sunlight. With that said, CoeLux produces a similar effect for areas that don’t have access to an abundance of natural light. Interior designers are starting to think about how this type of lighting can be implemented in underground or closed building environments. CoeLux are going another step further in 2017 by releasing a lunar version of their panel, where the light that will be emitted from the panel will mimic the moon.

The company is trying to rollout the lighting panel commercially but, unfortunately, it currently comes with a hefty price tag of around £40,000, plus another £7,000 to install. That being said, interior designers can see its potential with buyers in the luxury market. You can see the exhibition of CoeLux in the video below.


Interior designers are also loving the uptake in energy-efficient lighting.

Although one of the biggest challenges that happens behind the scenes is choosing the right type of LED lights based on the lumen output, beam angle and the colour temperature. Additionally, not all LED lights are compatible with the electrical system that is being installed into the property.

This makes things more complicated when setting up lights inside the home. The right switches and dimmers need to be paired with the right type of LED light. One mistake with the selection can ruin the entire ambiance that the interior designer has tried to create. Additionally, the use of multiple products also pushes up the supply and installation costs.

LED lighting specialists LEDified recognised the problem and spent months creating a solution that would combine the multiple facets of different LED lights into one simple to use solution. By simply using a custom remote control, homeowners can easily change the ambiance of their living spaces by adjusting the colour and lumens output.

You can click here to learn more about the EVA LED downlight.

2 innovative lights that you should consider for your next interior design project

Lighting designs impact the ambiance and aesthetics of a space significantly. Installing the right type of light will enhance the character of the space through the luminaire’s colour, coupled with the way it helps to emit shadows within the space. Designers looking for inspiration should look towards these innovative products to see how they can transform their next interior design project.

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