Many people choose to install aquariums as a fun element to liven up their boring home. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer to keep fish as pets, which is why they pay extra attention to the aquariums they build. While keeping a fish tank clean and hygienic is crucial for your fish’s longevity, decorating it is also necessary.

When buying a fish tank, consider decorating it with some elements. Once you finish setting up a tank with filtration, heating, and water cycling system, do not forget the last step, which is the decoration part, as it ties up the look and feel of your aquarium.

Here are seven awesome decoration ideas to liven up your fish tank and enhance the visual appeal of your interior space.

1. Add Pebbles and Rocks

The easiest and most inexpensive way to liven up a boring aquarium is by adding colorful sand and gravel to its bottom surface. Choose from various options of colorful sand, gravel, and pebbles that can be easily bought in aquarium stores. In fact, the addition of pebbles and gravel is so important that most aquarium owners consider it a necessity. For a playful effect, add layers of differently-colored sand. However, if the water is salty, you must resort to plain sand.

2. Choose Colorful Coral

The best way to mimic underwater aquatic life is by installing synthetic coral of various colors and sizes. These pretty ornamentation elements are durable and last longer than real plants and organic materials, thereby making the investment worthwhile. More importantly, they are easier to maintain and look clean.

3. Pick Live and Artificial Plants

Needless to say, a set of live aquatic plants can provide a natural look to your aquarium. It is not just beneficial to enhance the visual appeal but also provides a familiar habitat to your fish and other aquatic life. Some popular aquarium plants that thrive underwater include java moss, java fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii red, Amazon sword, and marimo moss ball. You can buy roots of these plants that can be buried under the aquarium sand. Plant different varieties of plants to enhance the decor element. If you are unable to maintain live plants, install artificial plants as they provide a similar look.

4. Install Lighting

Proper illumination in an aquarium looks aesthetic and provides a homely habitat for your aquatic life. Among a myriad of options, the right kind of lighting should definitely be used to decorate your aquarium to replicate aquatic living conditions. Moreover, the right illumination brings out the best colors of your fishes and overall setup. You can buy an LED aquarium lighting fixture with interchangeable colors and effects. These lights are easy to install and safe for your aquatic life. You can also adjust the lighting to keep your tank illuminated at night.

5. Buy Resin Castles and Other Accessories

Resin castles are a fun way to keep your fish engaged and act as vivid ornamentation. Apart from resin castles, you can also choose tiny fish homes, tunnels, or treasure chests as it adds a playful effect to a fish tank. Plastic toys like mermaids and plastic divers are another fun addition. Just make sure that they do not induce harmful chemicals or leach into the water to protect the life of your aquatic animals. At the same time, check for sharp edges too.

6. Add Glass Jars or Ceramics

Glass jars and bottles add the ‘shipwrecked’ look to any aquarium. Choose jars of different colors to add a pop of hue to the setup. It also provides the look and feels of a beach. Before you place the glass bottles or jars inside the fish tank, clean them thoroughly as they can mingle with the water and harm your aquatic life. More importantly, the jars should be free of sharp edges as they can hurt the fish. What a way to recycle your old glass jars and bottles!

7. Tape a Background Sheet

Lastly, a background sheet ties it all together. Tape one on the back of your fish tank to instantly uplift the look of the entire setup. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as oceanic waves, colorful corals, or a school of fish. If you want to take the minimal approach, pick a background with a solid color. If you are a bit crafty, make or paint your own background as a DIY project.

As you can see, decorating an aquarium does not have to be expensive or difficult. All the tips and ways mentioned above are inexpensive and easy to install. Moreover, they do not need special attention as they are low maintenance. Keep changing the decoration every once in a while to add a fresh look to your tank and home.

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