Packaging is somethings we can’t really avoid. However, over-packaging is not only a big waste problem and a environmental hazard. Hence, we don’t talk about packaging than much here unless we see something really good or bad. Hence, I kindly have the mixed feeling about this socks packaging by Marcel Sheishenov.

This project features packaging that shows socks where they usually are found, in shoes. The series includes men’s shoes, women’s shoes, teenagers’ shoes and sports shoes. So far men’s shoes packaging is printed and can be found on the market.

This shoe packaging is more outstanding compared with the majority of sock packages that are strictly functional and rectangular. However, it does require much more packaging material. However, I won’t call it over-packaging either because it actually has practical usage. It can quickly help consumers identify which style of sock will best suit which type of shoes.

h/t: packagingoftheworld

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