New to Adobe Premiere Pro? We have put together a comprehensive list of Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials for beginners to get you started with video editing. All these tutorials are packed with useful tips, tools, terms, techniques, and tricks that every beginner should know to be able to make striking videos. By the time you are done, you will have learned necessary basic editing skills including importing and exporting your footage, cutting, adding text, audio editing, zooming, color correction, and more.

9 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

1.   Learn How to Use Adobe Premiere in 15 Minutes by Motion Array

The journey to becoming a pro editor means that you have to start from somewhere. This Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial will start you off with all the basic editing techniques you need to know such as how to navigate the UI, import your video, timeline tools, create sequences, add effects, export, and more.

9 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

2.  10 Great Tips by Peter McKinnon

This video tutorial provides you with a chance to grab and take hold of 10 Adobe Premiere Pro tips to help you transition from beginner to a pro editor. You will learn tips including drag and drop, master clip effects, working with adjustment layers, how to save your project when your computer freezes, quick copy and select all options for your clips, layer locking, duplicating footage, editing while you export, and more.

3.  Basic Cut/Trim Tool by Motion Array

However skilled you are with the camera, you’ll need to assemble your footage and remove any bad takes. The How to Cut and Trim Video Clips tutorial will teach you how to access your video source, set markers, add clips to your timeline and add in and out points for clip parts that you want to use. You also get to learn how to use essential clip cutting tools such as ripple edit, razor and slip clip tools as well as unlinking audio and video with L and J cuts.

4. Adding Text by Motion Array

Almost every video you work on will need a title, credits, lower thirds text, subtitles, or a final call-to-action. Therefore, this is a must know video editing technique to get under your belt.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to. The following tutorial will provide you with every bit of information on How to Add Text & Title in Adobe Premiere Pro. Dive in!

5. Audio Editing Adobe Tutorial

You probably know that quality videos go hand-in-hand with high-quality audio editing. Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Skills tutorial will teach you the pro techniques for improving your audio skills including how to access and switch between the audio waveform and video clips, how to adjust audios on your timeline, as well as, work with mute and solo buttons. Additionally, you will learn how to access the audio clip mixer for professional mixing controls as well as adjust volume keyframes to be able to fade out your audio clips.

6. Zooming by Motion Array

Zooming comes in handy when you want to focus attention on an important part of your clip, change the centering, or fix your footage. The How to Zoom in Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial is the best you have ever come across to teach you how to focus on a specific area of your footage by manipulating key frames, scale sliders and parameters as well as creating your own custom transitions.

7. Color Correction by Tech Infusion

Knowing how to properly color correct is integral to help increase the value of your video creation. This Color Correction in Adobe Premiere tutorial, will teach you how to navigate the color work space. You’ll learn how to use the lumetri color and scope panels options for high-quality color balancing to achieve accurate and realistic coloring details. You will also learn the difference between color correction and color grading.

8. Exporting by Motion Array

After you have finished creating your videos, you want to export and share them with the world. Adobe Premiere Pro provides you with all the settings you need to export your video. How to Export in Adobe Premiere Pro will teach you essential exporting skills including exporting in alpha channel for transparent backgrounds as well as exporting with the most popular formats for Youtube, Vimeo, social media, and more.

9. Troubleshooting by Motion Array

It’s frustrating when working with Adobe Premiere only for it to keep crashing. There are different reasons why it could be crashing including using an old version. Learn how you can stop the crashing problem once and for all by trying out troubleshooting solutions that work for many people in this Troubleshoot Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorial. 


Don’t you already feel like a pro editor? We hope the suggested Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials have either kicked off your video creation journey, and will continue to support you to make super amazing video projects!

9 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

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