Halloween is one of the funniest holiday for many people who put a lot of effort in throwing perfect Halloween parties. Besides cool decoration, Halloween themed food is also important. If you are not that talented in cooking & baking, take advantage of some well-designed Halloween themed kitchenware, like the 9 skull shaped products we listed here, ice mold, baking mold, punch bowl and plate. All those useful things for you to host a awesome Halloween party.

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1. Halloween Skull Punch Bowl [Buy here]

Still miss a centerpiece in your Halloween party? How about this mind-boggling skull shape punch bowl. Hand cast from durable stoneware. 12″ x 10″ x 7 1/4″ high; 9-qt.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

2. Skull Pancake Molds [discontinued]

Want to have some unusual skull-shaped pancake in your Halloween breakfast? Simply pour your batter into this non-stick mold and place then on a prehearted griddle. When one side is done, remove the mold and flip the handler. Comes with three shapes. So which skull one you want?

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

3. Nomskulls Cupcake Mold [buy on amazon]

This human skull shaped cupcake mold is perfect for you to bake some creep cupcake and show off in your Halloween party. One bite and you’ll be head over heels!

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

4. THE CHILLER ICE MOLD – death to warm drinks [buy on amazon]

Nothing?s cooler than a crypt…icier than a lifeless stare…colder than fate. On that happy note, may we present Fred’s bold skull-shaped ice mold, The Chiller.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

5. Go Ice Skull [buy on amazon]

Get rid of your boring old ice cubes with this skull-shaped ice mold by GAMAGO. The ice cube for a truly wicked drink.
Skull Ice Cube is ideal for chilling whiskey or for just making any drink look bad-ass.
The mold is made of silicone, so the ice can be removed with ease every time.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

6. Crystal Skull Shotglass [Buy on amazon]

This beautiful hand blown crystal clear borosilicate glass can hold 2.5 ounces liquid… Liquor or juice, it is just awesome to look and fun to drink with.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

7. Creepy Cups Skull Cup

This creepy skull cup might looks like a normal cup with drinks inside. But the skull will appear gradually as you drink. How creepy is to find out there is a skull at the bottom of your cup.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

8. Sugar Skull Cookie Cutters [Buy on amazon]

Want some sugar skull cookie? With these four cool cool skull cutter, you can easily made some decilious cookies with awesome looking. Each cookie cutter measures around 7.2 cm x 9 cm x 1.8 cm and are dishwasher safe.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

9. Skull Plates [discontinued]

These skull plates will definitely be the life of your party. Their delightful features include a generous cranium for holding appetizers and desserts, and a fiendish gap-toothed grin.

9 Cool Skull Shaped Kitchenware Designs

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