California, or more popularly known as the Golden State, is one of the largest states in the US, not just in terms of topography but also in terms of population. With plenty to offer, from a warm climate, delicious cuisine, to easy access to the ocean, it has become a desirable location for all those looking for an upbeat coastal lifestyle. The diversity of people and environments has also influenced the architecture and interior design of the city, where you will see several unique living spaces that truly reflect the eclectic spirit of California.

The Californian style’s casual, cool, and comfortable theme is best reflected in the city of Los Angeles, which is an epicenter for art, entertainment, and cultural influences. For anybody looking to live out the California dream, there is no better city than LA. If you are planning to move to the city or are looking to buy a house, as a first step, you should consult a mortgage broker Los Angeles-bound. Through their professional services, you can easily seek advice on the best mortgage and financing options available.

Once you have selected the house of your choice and taken care of the financial technicalities, the next step is to decorate it. While interior design is an exciting opportunity to express your personality, it can be challenging to choose from too many options. Are you in the market for the best ideas on how to style your home? Here is the ultimate guide on how to incorporate the Californian interior design style into your homes.

California’s Casual Modern Design Aesthetic

You may be familiar with the term “California Casual Modern” that has caused a stir in the decor space in the last couple of years. If you haven’t, we are here to tell you about the popular design aesthetic that is all over our Instagram feeds.

Reminiscent of California’s signature carefree style, the modern casual design is a refreshing take on minimalism, which looks undeniably cool yet cozy. Characterized by balanced, breezy spaces with an eclectic flair, this interior design style is one that values liveability and comfort. It is the perfect fusion of bohemian yet modern features combined to give an oceanic feel to Cali homes.

While the idea is all about simplicity, you need to know how to incorporate the right elements to avoid making your space look dull instead of minimalistic. Here are some ways you can incorporate the easy-breezy Californian style into your homes.

Select Monochrome or Neutral Color Palettes

The foundation of a California casual modern home is based on a white, bright, and light color scheme. Walls are splashed with a pure, creamy, and off-white paint to create a light and airy ambiance. Because the style incorporates indoor and outdoor elements, think earthy neutral tones when it comes to furniture and upholstery color schemes. Throwing in some warm beiges and browns will make the room lean towards a cozy look instead of appearing completely whitewashed and pale.

Because you will want to make your rooms appear spacious and free-flowing, pick light colors for wooden furniture, on which light can bounce off easily. Avoid hanging heavy dark-colored curtains and go for light muslin veils that allow natural light to fall beautifully into any room, giving the space a well-lit feel.

Use Natural and Organic Materials

California homes are all about being natural and earthy, so it comes as no surprise that wood is the most used raw material for interior design elements. Because various kinds of wood survive water and decay, there are plenty of options you can choose from for your Cali inspired homes.

Use wooden flooring for not only bedrooms and living rooms but take it up a notch by flooring the kitchen, bathroom, and terrace space with the versatile material as well. Adding well-polished wooden furnishings will bring sturdiness to an overall soft look.

Other materials that you can incorporate for a nature-oriented indoor look are rattan and jute. Use rattan for your chairs or even in lampshades to keep the look clean and organic.

Add on Layers for a Cozy Feel

If you have managed to create a spacious de-cluttered space with neutral tones, you can build it up using layers of textures and patterns through different accessories.

Woven textures are a great way to bring warmth to a room, so look out for patterned rugs that can make your space come alive with color. You can even incorporate a soft throw on your living room couch and textured blankets and pillows for a relaxed atmosphere.

Adding on ethnic textiles and geometrically patterned weavings on your walls is another great way to inject character to the simplistic setting of a California casual modern home. Have a look at these Morrocan Area Rugs to bring a vibrant flair to your living room walls.

Brighten the Space with Indoor Plants

To take the naturalistic theme of California homes up a notch, fill the spaces of your house with

plenty of indoor plants. You should opt for house plants or trees to breathe life into an empty space in your room while adding a dose of color to the overall neutral scheme.

If you have a green thumb, bring in an indoor ceiling tree with crawling branches for an aesthetic twist to a dull corner. Or if you don’t have time to spare for upkeep, go for tabletop plants using large Terracotta pots and handmade planters that offer a high visual appeal. Cacti and succulents are also types of low maintenance plants that can enhance the look of your space.

Parting Thoughts

The laid-back California design is the perfect blend of a modern yet relaxed aesthetic that is true to the spirit of the Golden State. Curating the perfect casual modern California aesthetic will remind you of salty waves and the light ocean breeze as you set foot in your minimal yet cozy house.

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